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Michael Kelsheimer focuses his practice on the employment law needs of Texas businesses and executives across several industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, construction and real estate. With more than 160 laws that impact the employment relationship, clients count on Michael to find effective solutions for every workplace problem they may encounter, both in and out of the courtroom. He has achieved favorable results in litigation before state and federal courts and in arbitration involving many issues, including non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, trade secret theft, all types of discrimination claims, executive employment agreements and FLSA wage and hour claims.

In my quest to understand the effect of the human psyche on negotiations, one of the most influential books I encountered was Thinking Fast & Slow by Nobel Prize winner Professor Daniel Kahneman.  Many different and important psychological effects are described in his book – priming among them. 

As the name suggests, priming is the

To stay up on every aspect of mediation, I recently read an article published in the Pace Law Review entitled – Mediation and Millennials:  A Generational Shift in Dispute System Preferences, 39 Pace L. Rev 645 (2019).   

Written by two highly academic and educated Millennial JD’s that probably haven’t practiced in the real world